CareSafer Webinar - About Webinar

User-friendly, Valuable and Inspiring!

The CareSafer Webinar Series is divided into 5 different 30-minute modules. The webinar can be watched individually or in a group (for example during a staff meeting). You can pause the education and play again at your convenience. At the completion of every module you can print or email a copy of your own answers and the most essential parts of that module. When you have completed all the modules you will receive a diploma.

By using the CareSafer Webinar Series the organisation will be able to give access to and manage that all staff get the most recent and important knowledge about patient safety and quality care. The system will show who and from which department that have completed which module, which creates a foundation for an effective implementation. Also by the questions asked in the module the organisation will get:

Improvement suggestions in certain areas

A picture of the extent to which existing policies and processes are understood and used

We trust that you appreciate the webinar and find it easy to use, valuable and inspiring!

Any questions – please contact us.

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